Really Loud Frequencies Studio

Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY

Gear list

Apogee Symphony I/O 16x16x16
Avid 192 I/O 16x8
Burl B2 Bomber DAC
Burl B2 Bomber ADC
Otari 5050 1/2” 4 Track Tape Deck
Pro Tools 12 HD
1x Imac 4 core
1x Burl Vancouver mix buss 32x2
1x Shadow Hills Equinox
Drawmer MC 2.1
2x ATC SCM 45A
2x NS-10 Studio
Hafler Transnova 3500
2x Avatone Mix Cubes

1x Neumann M147
1x Wunder CM7 GS
1x Lawson L251 Tube
1x Lawson L47 Fet
2x Mojave M300
1x Neumann TLM 103
1x KMS 105
2x C414 B-ULS
1x AT 4047
2x Josephson C42s
7x sm57
1x beta57
5x Senn 421
2x D112
1x Senn 609
2x Sm54
1x Beta 52
1x Electrovoice RE20
2x Crown PZM

2x BAE 1073D
2x Chandler TG2
2x Helios Type 69
2x Burl B1D
2x Quad Eight Vintage Pres
4x GML Transformerless Mic Pre
2x Crane Hill Flamingo
2x Great River MP-2NV
2x Shadow Hills Gama
4x Sebatron vmp-4000e
4x UAD 710d
Dynamics + EQ
2x Altamoda Unicomp
2x Valvotronics Gainryder 3
2x Vintage Audio MSL
2x Q2 Audio F765
2x DW Fearn VT7
2x Chandler Germanium Compressor (Matched Pair)
1x MohogFet76 (1176)
2x DBX 160A
1x Tube-Tech CL-1B
1x FMR Audio RNC
2x Neve 1073
2x Helios Type 69
2x Sontec 250ex
2x Retro Instruments 2A3
2x Great River Eq-2NV
2c Alta Moda Am-25
2x Valvotronics designed HPF
Processing & Modulation
RE 201 tape delay
Strymon Timeline
TC Helicon vocalize
Pro Co Rat2
Boomerang III Phrase Sampler
CryBaby Wah Pedal
Morley Pro Phaser (silver)
Morley Pro Wah/Volume (silver)
MXR Stereo Chorus
Yamaha SPX90II Multi-Effects Processor
Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer
Electro Harmonics Hot Tubes (vintage) + a bunch of other great vintage/vibey pedals
(distortions etc).

Plug ins
Waves Platinum
UAD 4 Core- Manley passive, LA2A, 1176, Fairchild 670, Helios 69, Neve 31102, Moog
Filter amongst a whole slew of others.
Fabfilter Pro Q 2, Pro-C, Pro Gate,
Slate Virtual Console, Virtual Tape Machine, Buss Compressor
Stephen Slate Trigger plus a host of samples
Izotope Ozone 7 & RX 5
Soundtoys Bundle
Backline, Drums & Instruments

Rhodes mark 2 77 stage
Steinway L (5’7”)
Arp Odyssey Reissue
Casio CZ-101 (vintage)
Dave Smith Poly Evolver. Poly Evolver Rack, Prophet 6
Edirol PCR-500 Controller
Hammond M102 w/Leslie
Korg Poly 6
Moog Voyager
Roland Juno-106
Novation Bass station II
Wurlitzer 140B Electric Piano

C&C custom kit (22/16/12),Custom Jazz Kit W/ 2 kick choices (Standard or Small
Closed Bob Kick) (20/18/14/12)
Ludwig (26/ 18/ 14) and Yamaha Brit Power Special (22/16/13/12) and
Yamaha metal snare
Black Beauty Reissue snare
Vintage Slingerland Snare
Wood rimmed Pearl snare
Black Magic 7” snare
Timpani (25/28)
Cymbals - Paiste, Zildjian, New Beat, weird/funky hats, and a few other oddball cymbals
DRM I MKIII Drum Machine
Roland spds-x
Guitars/Stringed Instruments:
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass
Fender Champ Lap Steel Guitar ‘50s/‘60s
Fender Precision Bass
Fender Jaguar
Fender Jazz Bass
Gibson Les Paul Special (Vintage 1969)
Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Steel String Guitar
Paul Daniel McGill custom Archtop Jazz Guitar
Taylor 314 (“Auditorium”) Acoustic Steel String Guitar

Silverface Fender Princeton Reverb (Vintage)
2x Blackface Fender Twin (one of which is #62 of commemorative release)
1967 Fender Bassman
Fender Blues Junior x 2
Marshall JCM800 Lead Series
Bugera Vintage 5
Egnater Tweaker Tube Head
Hiwatt Custom 100
Ampeg SVT Classic
1x15 Bag Ends Cab