Really Loud Frequencies Studio

Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY



Really Loud Frequencies is Robert Farren's recording/production service. Based out of Newtown Recorders, Robert's fully functioning commercial studio in the heart of Brooklyn, RLF Recording is a perfect solution for all musical projects both big and small. We offer tiered pricing plans that allow artists of all sizes to maximize their output, using only the highest end gear, and skilled engineering.

RLF Recording offers a world class product for the discerning ear. Our live room is one of the nicest sounding live rooms in Brooklyn, and along with an isolation-chamber we can offer comprehensive live tracking solutions. Our control room is decoupled, tuned, & treated, offering a large sweet-spot so the artist has the comfort of knowing that their music will translate from the studio to the radio. We offer the very best in the hybrid approach of both digital and analog recording!